Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Celebrating Ammar's 1st besday... 2nd time celebration...

Hari Sabtu lepas kami satu family merayakan kali kedua sambutan hari jadi Ammar yg pertama. Dua kali sambut tau. yg 1st tu buat biase2 je. kali nie mcm grand sket. bukan me n hubby nak buat tp opah n atuknya yg beria nak buat. so ikutkan je la.
Di hari kejadian, ammarnya tido mase nak potong kek. so maknyer la yg beria senyum2 sambil dukung ammar tuk diambil gambar. Ammar nyer penat melayan tetamu dr pukul 3ptg. tu yg tido baik punyer tu....
Makasih pd yg hadir n bagi hadiah. Kenangan bersama anda semua x kan 'ammar' lupakan...
Apa2 pun tgk la gambo2 yg akan dipostkan nanti... :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Ammar! You already 1 year older...

Mama who seems to be excited than her son
Ammar already turn 1 on 5/8/2010. Syukur Alhamdulillah for all the things that Allah gives us. A healthy baby. Active one to be precise. Manage to walk in quite early age. Know how to play with her mama. Do some expression of angriness when he sees his Mak Su. Cry when his ayah didn’t take him when ayah came home from work. And he like old people and old people likes him. Know how love and want to be loved from us. Sleep pattern still mystery to me. Sometimes ok, sometimes not. Can munch rice and milk taken is a lot. His hair grown more than his sister. Just recover from high fever due to chicken pox. Yup, those are all the things about Ammar till now.
We did some small celebration conjunction to Ammar’s birthday. Just a small cake and foods. But on its actual birthday date, we want to dine out at Mon Rods restaurant. When we already prepared to go out, Ammar is dozed off. Then we decided that ayah take care of him and we girls celebrate Ammar birthday without the guys. So it’s a girl’s day out. We have fun. Next time we celebrate together k… hubby… :)

Kakak Maya n her second cousin

The food

The cake

@Mon Rods
Kakak Maya
Mak Su


Me + Kakak Maya

Friday, May 21, 2010

Humaira, the doter of mine

Actually I wanna put the title as “The words and sentences that came out from Humaira’s mouth”. But as u can see the sentence is too long, so Humaira, the doter of mine it is. Humaira is my doter. I luv her sooo very dearly. As my oldest child, she is one person with cheekiness attitude all over her tiny body. Stubborn SOMEtimes. Always converse with the family members. Asking things. More into games, tv, The Three Musketeers (Barbie version that is), princess, play with laptop, talk to herself and on and on and on.

One day, I saw humaira with two tiny blocks in her both hands. Then she looked at me and said:

Humaira: “Mama, Maya (what she call herself) don’t know how to juggle.”

I was so shocked when I heard the word “juggle” because I’m not come neither she from talking English family background. For 4 years old toddler and that person is my doter, I was amazed to hear that.

Whenever I have spare time during weekdays after arrive home, sometimes I took humaira to the playground near our house. She always wanna play the swing. So when I push her to make the swing move higher then I heard she said in thrilled pitch:

Humaira: “Mama, mama I’m flying flying…. Like tinkerbell mama”

I was shocked again. English? Wow… it’s a pleasant things when u know ur doter can utter in English. The credits goes to Astro for channel Nicklodeon and the Play House Disney Channel. She always watches both of the channels. Glued to it. I know she is so happy when she plays the swing. She’s like in her own world. Some of the parents at the playground saw humaira in her actions smiled in encouragement emotions.

One night as we lying in front of the tv with Ammar, humaira suddenly took Ammar’s hands and make action like Ammar is touching her. The she said:

Humaira: “Ammar don’t tickle me, don’t tickle me… hahahaa…. Hahahha…”

The way she pronounced it like Jojo in Jojo’s Circus. I like it. Sometimes humaira pronounce things like button and mountain in silent T. Very the US like. Hahhaa…. Remember we all not from the English talking background family. :)

Humaira is being taken care of by her aunt. My little sister. One day my sister told me that she’s having this conversation with Humaira.

Humaira: “Mak su tau tak Maya tgh fakir masa depan maya yg CERAH”

Mak su: “Apa maya ckp?”

Humaira: “Masa depan maya la”

Where she gets the idea for this topic is still blurring to us. Maybe from the Malay drama she watched. Luckily she said “cerah” if “gelap” I close my case.

Yesterday I just bought her a masquerade mask and a box of educational cards. After a while after she gets the presents she came up to me and said:

Humaira: “Maya sayang mama sbb mama bg present kt maya. Maya suka apa yg mama

bg. Suka sgt”

Humaira… humaira… Mama loves U sooo the very much. Be a very good doter to me okay…

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

The menus

Rasa macam entry nie dah lewat je. Tapi untuk wish yang mama kita nie berharga, bernilai dan mcm2 ber lagi mmg patut tiap2 hari. Mama mmg betul2 kesayangan hamba. sesangat!!! Ma... maafkan e'sha klu (mmg ada) salah dan silap yg pernah e'sha lakukan. E'sha x bermaksud nak buat demikian... Halalkan makan dan minum e'sha. Sayang mama sangat2!

Sempena Hari Ibu yg lalu, pada 9/5/2010 (Ahad) husband n me bawa mama makan2 kt jj mahkota cheras. Baru bukak jj nie. Jj nie apply konsep jj neighborhood. Best. Ada byk kedai. restaurant pun byk. Kami makan kt Kenny Rogers Roasters. Baba pun ada sama. so merangkap la father's day sekali. hahaha...

Ayah tengah melayan doter

Classic Chicken Sandwich

Kesayangan Hamba
Ammar, adik adik x de masa nie. Tinggal kt rumah....

Thursday, April 29, 2010



Ayah, Mama n Ammar. Humaira?
Wit my Shining Knight Armour

Monday, April 26, 2010



Hari Ahad lepas kami satu family hantar mil ke KLIA. Dia nak ke Langkawi bersama2 sebahagian ahli keluarga YAM. Hari nie baru balik. Mmm... bestnya kan dpt pergi. Naik flight lagi. Kali nie kami pergi ke KLIA ikut jln lain. jln nie abg ipar husband yg tunjukkan. kami follow je dr belakang. jln nie akan lalu Putrajaya-Dengkil-KLIA. x payah bayar tol pun. Best2 . Lalu jln2 dalam kg. Sampai je kt sana terus mil check-in. sekejap je kt KLIA. Adik pulak kata dia nak g ke Sunway pyramid. So kami pun kesana lepas tu. Dah lama x g ke Sunway nie. Masa nie ada pameran/pertandingan kucing. Humaira suka sgt. Dia suka kucing. Lepas tu kami jln ke tmpt ice skating. lagi sekali Humaira teruja. Dia nak plak masuk ice ring tu nak skate. Uish budak nie. Nasib baik bila pujuk2 dia ok. Tapi dia kata lain kali dtg dia nak main jgk. Then kami g makan kt The Manhattan Fish Market. Besh besh! Lps mkn g pulak ke play area. kt sini ada game bumper car, merry-go-round, ferris wheel, children ride n mcm2 lagi la. lagi sekali Humaira teruja. seronok dia. So layan la dia main merry-go-round n ferris wheel tuh. Nampak la ke Happy an dia. GAmbar2 lain akan diupload kemudian...

kurus/sederhana/gemuk? hehehhe...
Humaira dgn sepupu2nya

Ammar tgh tido masa kt Restaurant Fish Market

Humaira dgn Ayah

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Besday Abg!

Selamat Hari Lahir yg ke 33! Semoga Abg dilindungi olehNya, dimurahkan rezeki dan dipanjangkan umur Abg untuk beramal ibadat kepadaNya. Kami semua sayangkan Abg. Abg adalah Kesayangan Hamba sesangat!!!


A story on Ammar

It’s a story about my second child. Ammar Bin Zahidi. When I know that I’m pregnant for the second time, I really hope that the tiny little thing in my tummy is a baby boy. I pray and pray very hard and in my doa’ I never fail to remember to ask Allah that I really want a baby boy. There also one particular doa’ that my husband recite every time and every day on the early stage on my pregnancy while his hand smoothly stroke my tummy. From that moment Me and my husband assured that we will get our own hero. As time goes by I went to Klinik Alam Damai for my regular checkup. The lady doctor asks whether we want to know the gender of our second child and we said yes. She proudly said that it is a baby boy. Its was his fourth month in my belly. There is one little thing that I still remember that the doctor said during the ultrasound scanning “Macam tengah bersujud la baby tu. Pukul brape la dia sembahyang nie? At that particular moment the time is about 9.00p.m. Maybe he is performing solat Isyak :) It is much easier carrying him rather to her big sister. My morning sickness also not that bad. I did not crave anything except I want to eat lots and lots of durian. Other than that I’m fine.

Its nearly 9 months. I must get him out of my tummy because I badly want to see his precious face. On 5th of August 2009 my Ammar was born weighing 3.3kg. There he is lying beside me sucking for milk. He is the cutest thing I ever see. A Beautiful one. Love him!

I stayed at the hospital for two nights and on the third day I was release to go home. Sadly Ammar its not with me. He must stay longer because he had jaundice. On his fifth day, he was at home with me. Sleeps besides me, sucking milk and sometimes cries for attention. Best moment ever. On his sixth day, his body getting warm. Then the warmness becomes hot. He had a high fever. We checked using the thermometer and the number shows 40ÂșC! That’s a very high temperature for a baby 5 days old. My husband with my two little sisters sends Ammar to hospital. My heart aching. Tears went down my face. Can’t bear to separate with him. At the hospital my husband said that Ammar will go through a surgery to get some whatever water in his backbone. I practically cried out loud when I heard that. I’m not with him due to my c-section surgery. On my bed I scribbled something in my notes while my tears running down heavily. The notes said “ Hari Rabu 5/8/2009 adalah hari keramat bagiku. Aku telah melahirkan seorang anak lelaki yang amat comel. Walaupun aku menanggung kesakitan akibat pembedahan untuk melahirkannya namun aku puas kerana aku memilikinya. Apakan daya ku harap panas hingga ke petang tapi hujan di tengahari. Anakku menghidap penyakit kurangnya enzim darah merah. Aku terkejut dengan berita ini. Aku menangis dan menangis. Dalam masa yg sama aku juga merindui anak sulungku Humaira yg berada di rumah. Selama 2 malam aku berada di hospital, akhirnya dapat aku pulang kerumah. Akan tetapi ada sedikit jahitan yang perlu dibuat lagi diperutku. Kerana terdapat sedikit bukaan di tempat pembedahan ku itu. Tapi sayang anak ku tidak dapat pulang bersama ku kerana dia dijangkiti demam kuning. Lagi sekali aku sedih kerana aku tidak dpt bersama dengan anakku untuk pulang ke rumah opah dan toknya yang amat menantikan kepulangan satu-satunya cucu lelaki mereka. Aku redha. Pada 8/8/2009 Sabtu anak ku sudah boleh dibawa pulang memandangkan demam kuningnya sudah surut. Aku gembira apabila mama ku meletakkan anak lelaki ku itu didakapan ku. Aku gembira sekali! Sayangnya aku terhadap anak ku itu terlalu dalam.

Semalaman aku tidur bertiga beranak. Suami ku, aku dan anak lelaki ku. Aku gembira. Akan tetapi pada 9/8/2009 Ahad, anakku diserang demam panas. Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku banyak dosa ku ini. Anakku telah dibawa ke hospital oleh suami ku. Ya Allah demi suami dan baba ku Engkau peliharalah anak ku ini. TOLONGLAH, TOLONGLAH Ya Allah. Tiada tempat ku memohon selain dari Mu. Aku tidak tahu apakah penghujungnya cerita ku ini…” That is what I scribbled down in my tiny note book.

At this moment, Ammar is very well in a healthy condition. Syukur ya Allah.
To Ammar… You are the third man that I love the most after your atok and ayah. I want you to be a hafiz one day. If there a contest on the cutest baby, for me you will and always be the winner. Don’t make me worried. Make me proud. Yes! You are my Kesayangan Hamba. To me u always my ‘dak tita mama’ and ‘denunai mak sue’. Your sister’s story, I will compose soon. Love u sayang...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ammar goes to Clinic


Sabtu lepas, kami satu keluarga balik kg. Ipoh. Balik semata-mata nak ke klinik Dr. Liew di Ipoh Specialist Centre. Its about time to Ammar consume ubat to prevent him dr cirit birit n muntah-muntah. Minum 2 kali. Kali ini kali kedua sebab bulan lepas sudah minum kali pertama. Ubat ini hanya diberi kepada Ammar oleh Dr. Liew sahaja. X boleh bwk balik. Heheheh... Ammar being a very good boy. And the most importantly dia sehat. 7 month sudah 9.1kg. Sket je lagi nak sama berat ngan sekampit beras. Berat wooo nak dukung dia nih...
Ammar ready nak g klinikHye mama...
Naik kuda plastik
Dgn Ayah

Kakak Maya pun pergi jgk. walaupun tangan dalam kecederaan. Nampaknya dah semakin baik tangan humaira. Selalu amalkan masukkan spirulina ke dalam susu humaira. Nampak berhasil. Kulit cepat baik. Alhamdulillah syukur kehadrat Allah.
Kakak Humaira