Friday, May 21, 2010

Humaira, the doter of mine

Actually I wanna put the title as “The words and sentences that came out from Humaira’s mouth”. But as u can see the sentence is too long, so Humaira, the doter of mine it is. Humaira is my doter. I luv her sooo very dearly. As my oldest child, she is one person with cheekiness attitude all over her tiny body. Stubborn SOMEtimes. Always converse with the family members. Asking things. More into games, tv, The Three Musketeers (Barbie version that is), princess, play with laptop, talk to herself and on and on and on.

One day, I saw humaira with two tiny blocks in her both hands. Then she looked at me and said:

Humaira: “Mama, Maya (what she call herself) don’t know how to juggle.”

I was so shocked when I heard the word “juggle” because I’m not come neither she from talking English family background. For 4 years old toddler and that person is my doter, I was amazed to hear that.

Whenever I have spare time during weekdays after arrive home, sometimes I took humaira to the playground near our house. She always wanna play the swing. So when I push her to make the swing move higher then I heard she said in thrilled pitch:

Humaira: “Mama, mama I’m flying flying…. Like tinkerbell mama”

I was shocked again. English? Wow… it’s a pleasant things when u know ur doter can utter in English. The credits goes to Astro for channel Nicklodeon and the Play House Disney Channel. She always watches both of the channels. Glued to it. I know she is so happy when she plays the swing. She’s like in her own world. Some of the parents at the playground saw humaira in her actions smiled in encouragement emotions.

One night as we lying in front of the tv with Ammar, humaira suddenly took Ammar’s hands and make action like Ammar is touching her. The she said:

Humaira: “Ammar don’t tickle me, don’t tickle me… hahahaa…. Hahahha…”

The way she pronounced it like Jojo in Jojo’s Circus. I like it. Sometimes humaira pronounce things like button and mountain in silent T. Very the US like. Hahhaa…. Remember we all not from the English talking background family. :)

Humaira is being taken care of by her aunt. My little sister. One day my sister told me that she’s having this conversation with Humaira.

Humaira: “Mak su tau tak Maya tgh fakir masa depan maya yg CERAH”

Mak su: “Apa maya ckp?”

Humaira: “Masa depan maya la”

Where she gets the idea for this topic is still blurring to us. Maybe from the Malay drama she watched. Luckily she said “cerah” if “gelap” I close my case.

Yesterday I just bought her a masquerade mask and a box of educational cards. After a while after she gets the presents she came up to me and said:

Humaira: “Maya sayang mama sbb mama bg present kt maya. Maya suka apa yg mama

bg. Suka sgt”

Humaira… humaira… Mama loves U sooo the very much. Be a very good doter to me okay…

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