Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Ammar! You already 1 year older...

Mama who seems to be excited than her son
Ammar already turn 1 on 5/8/2010. Syukur Alhamdulillah for all the things that Allah gives us. A healthy baby. Active one to be precise. Manage to walk in quite early age. Know how to play with her mama. Do some expression of angriness when he sees his Mak Su. Cry when his ayah didn’t take him when ayah came home from work. And he like old people and old people likes him. Know how love and want to be loved from us. Sleep pattern still mystery to me. Sometimes ok, sometimes not. Can munch rice and milk taken is a lot. His hair grown more than his sister. Just recover from high fever due to chicken pox. Yup, those are all the things about Ammar till now.
We did some small celebration conjunction to Ammar’s birthday. Just a small cake and foods. But on its actual birthday date, we want to dine out at Mon Rods restaurant. When we already prepared to go out, Ammar is dozed off. Then we decided that ayah take care of him and we girls celebrate Ammar birthday without the guys. So it’s a girl’s day out. We have fun. Next time we celebrate together k… hubby… :)

Kakak Maya n her second cousin

The food

The cake

@Mon Rods
Kakak Maya
Mak Su


Me + Kakak Maya


  1. happy birthday ammar! ni awat yg gmbr semua dok blkg gelas ni? hehehe

  2. hehhehe... saja ja. muka pun dah naik tembam. badan apatah lg :)

  3. esha dulu kami tiap2 hari lunch kat mon rods ni dgn mama, wa and eshan. sampai la anak taukeh dia kenal kami. anak taukeh yg lagi sorang (adik dia) punya majlis tunang pun buat kat situ and kami semua gi mkn masa tu. dpt surah yassin sorang satu. tapi lps tu segan lagi nak gi sbb bila kami gi dgn wa dia tanya mama kami mana. bila gi dgn mama dia tanya wa mana. nmpk sgt la kami ni x masak n asyik mkn situ je. hehehe lps dpt maid kami dah x gi situ dah. skrg teringin plak nak mkn situ lagi.

  4. Nurul... awat mon rods asyik tutup ja? Kami nak p bwk mak pak kami dr iph tu ke sana. asyik2 tutup. tutup for gud ka?

  5. esha, kami baru perasan comment hangpa ni. heheh rasanya hangpa pun dah tau by now yg mmg dia dah bungkus for good.