Friday, October 28, 2011

Such a beautiful place my home in Ipoh...

Ipoh is one place that I luv the most. I really really miss Ipoh. I just wish that I could live a permanent life there. But... due to my husband's profession, KL is the place I should be.

As a Ipohrean, I believe that bringing up children in Ipoh is much less durable rather in KL. The goods are cheaper. It is a place of trouble-free to settle errands within a day. Good foods, safe place and we have an excellent Mufti.

My kampong called Kg. Kuala Pari. Near to a wholesale wet market. Near to Ngan Yin Peanut factory too that is in Menglembu. Oh! One thing that I shouldn’t miss out, in front of my kampong house is a railway track that conveys the ETS (Electric Train Services).

Stop the blabbing and check out the pics of Kg. Kuala Pari… My Hometown yaw…     

Yes, my mom an orchid addict

Beautiful right?

Allah's creation

My kampung gate... hehehe...


The rail...

My kampung lawn

My baba work on this

An awesome scenery...
My mom free time place


  1. yearghhhh!!!! ipoh forever! at least kak norisa dekat lg... gim ni kat dubai tau.. sob sob

  2. yes, so beautiful and nicely captured with a very nice camera indeed! hahaha