Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Last weekend a lot of misfortune happened to my family members. 1st my husband. On last Friday he had his lunch near Puduraya. His menu, ‘ikan bakar’ with its savory. His colleagues also have the same menu. After Friday prayer, he felt something went wrong with his body which is aching all over his body joint. He had food poisoning. It is a very bad thing if it happens to my husband because he had a very weak antibody resistance. His condition is still not fine until last Monday. On that Monday night, my mother-in-law suggests that we should send my husband to hospital. So we went to KPJ Kajang Specialist Centre. There, they give him drips of water. Alhamdulillah, he is getting better but he needs to be warded in the hospital. It is unfortunately for my husband because the two friends of him didn’t get the symptoms. That’s the story of my husband.
Now my little princess Humaira. During the weekend, Sunday to be precise my Humaira injured her self with hot iron. We didn’t know how she gets the burn marks on her right arm. There are three burn marks on her arm. One had a big and deep cut. I felt sympathy for her. I love her to death. When seeing her scream out when I apply the tooth paste onto the burn marks, my heart aching. I quickly drove to the nearest clinic and the doctor said the healing process is quite slow. She gave a cream to prevent the burn marks from feeling the burning sensation. What a weekend! Ya Allah Lindungilah kami dan masukkan kami ke dalam golongan orang-orang yang bersabar… Amin


  1. cmne keadaan abg dee n myra?blk ipoh x this friday?

  2. Abg d smkin ok. humaira mcm tu jgk la. bernanah la sket. tp ok... jd balik jumaat nie. ikut ke?

  3. nk ikut..amik tau..huhuh..bersedialah untuk d marah oleh mama..hehehe